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Company Booth
 Columbia College Chicago
241 (South Hall)
 Hardsuit Labs
206 (South Hall)
 Hi-Rez Studios
124 (South Hall)
 High Voltage Software
742 (South Hall)
N5413 (North Hall)
 Insomniac Games
2310 (South Hall)
 Leap Motion
VRDCTT02 (North Hall)
 Lowe's Innovation Labs
N5308 (North Hall)
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1624 (South Hall)
117 (South Hall)
 Rebellion Developments
2044 (South Hall)
 Six Foot LLC
536 (South Hall)
 Studio Wildcard
1335 (South Hall)
 Telltale Games
NDA Room 260 (Wed)
 Tencent Games
BMR5542 (North Hall)
BMR5636 (North Hall)
BMR5631 (North Hall)
BMR5637 (North Hall)
BMR5632 (North Hall)
N5015 (North Hall)
 Uber ATG
1918 (South Hall)
BMR5234 (North Hall)
BMR5333 (North Hall)
 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
BMR5325 (North Hall)
BMR5329 (North Hall)
2410 (South Hall)