2017 Exhibitors

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Company Booth
 #MYGameOn - Malaysian Pavilion
2202 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
1902 (South Hall)
229 (South Hall)
 5-hour ENERGY
123 (South Hall)
238 (South Hall)
233 (South Hall)
 Abertay University
2116 (South Hall)
 Academy of Art University
402 (South Hall)
2141 (South Hall)
512 (South Hall)
 ADIA Entertainment
208 (South Hall)
2437 (South Hall)
2441 (South Hall)
1902 (South Hall)
 Akamai Technologies
632 (South Hall)
 Alawar Entertainment
PL4326 (North Hall)
 All 4 Games
2116 (South Hall)
416 (South Hall)
BMR5332 (North Hall)
 Alliance Digital Media
2324 (South Hall)
 Amazon Lumberyard
1602 (South Hall)
 AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
BMR5326 (North Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 AmmoboxStudios Sdn Bhd
2202 (South Hall)
 Ant Workshop
2116 (South Hall)
Apelab PL4726 (North Hall)
2135 (South Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
2030 (South Hall)
 AppsFlyer LTD
2202 (South Hall)
Aprobado Studio PL4740 (North Hall)
Sierra Suites E (Wed-Fri) - Offsite
1924 (South Hall)
 ARM – Enlighten
BS4726 (North Hall)
 Artix Entertainment
125 (South Hall)
 Arxan Technologies
732 (South Hall)
336 (South Hall)
524 (South Hall)
 Autodesk, Inc.
BS4826 (North Hall)
PL4131 (North Hall)
541 (South Hall)
 Bad Seed SRL
1902 (South Hall)
PL4328 (North Hall)
 Behold Studios
PL4232 (North Hall)
 Belgian Trade Commission
502 (South Hall)
 Bellus 3D, Inc.
2341 (South Hall)
 Bend Labs
130 (South Hall)
 bHaptics Inc.
1224 (South Hall)
 Bifrost Entertainment
PL4527 (North Hall)
 Big Bad Wolf
502 (South Hall)
 Big Learning Company
1416 (South Hall)
 Bigben Interactive
110 (South Hall)
 Billygoat Entertainment
1416 (South Hall)
 Bkom Studios
PL4825 (North Hall)
 Blazing Griffin
2116 (South Hall)
Blindflug Studios AG PL4731 (North Hall)
N5019 (North Hall)
138 (South Hall)
 Braavo Capital
STT01 (West Hall)
 Built Games
PL4231 (North Hall)
PL4630 (North Hall)
PL4632 (North Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
PL10 (North Hall)
PL4242 (North Hall)
PL4335 (North Hall)
PL4337 (North Hall)
PL4339 (North Hall)
PL4341 (North Hall)
PL5 (North Hall)
PL6 (North Hall)
PL7 (North Hall)
PL8 (North Hall)
PL9 (North Hall)
 CANADA Games from Quebec
PL11 (North Hall)
 CANADA Pan Atlantic IBDA
PL12 (North Hall)
PL13 (North Hall)
 Capital Numbers
242 (South Hall)
2416 (South Hall)
 Carnegie Mellon - Entertainment Technology Center
N5415 (North Hall)
 Carr & Ferrell LLP
235 (South Hall)
 CCP Games
Sierra Suites J (Mon-Fri) - Offsite
 CDS Global Cloud
2334 (South Hall)
 Centrixlink Inc.
2320 (South Hall)
636 (South Hall)
115 (South Hall)
 Cinder Solutions
205 (South Hall)
 Cinnoman Games
PL4742 (North Hall)
PL4325 (North Hall)
 Cobra Mobile
2116 (South Hall)
 Codeplay Software
2116 (South Hall)
 Codex Worlds Corporation
PL4925 (North Hall)
 Cogswell College
105 (South Hall)
 Coherent Labs
635 (South Hall)
 Columbia College Chicago
241 (South Hall)
 Corgi Punk
PL4128 (North Hall)
 CRC Press
301 (South Hall)
 Creative Dialogue Tools
1416 (South Hall)
316 (South Hall)
 Cubic Motion Ltd
1416 (South Hall)
 Cupboard Games
1416 (South Hall)
 Curve Digital
1416 (South Hall)
BMR5328 (North Hall)
 Daylight Studios
PL4126 (North Hall)
 DEC Korea Co., Ltd.
1224 (South Hall)
 Deceptive Games
1416 (South Hall)
 Defiant Development
PL4826 (North Hall)
PL4626 (North Hall)
PL4628 (North Hall)
2116 (South Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 Department for International Trade
1416 (South Hall)
2116 (South Hall)
 DigiPen Institute of Technology
N5120 (North Hall)
 Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC
PL4228 (North Hall)
 Digital River
NDA Room 260 (Mon,Tue,Thu)
 Digital Sports Arena
2116 (South Hall)
 Digital Tales S.r.l.
1902 (South Hall)
 Dimensional Imaging (DI4D)
2342 (South Hall)
 Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media
Sierra Suites F (Tue-Thu) - Offsite
Sierra Suites G (Tue-Thu) - Offsite
 Disney Research Edinburgh
2116 (South Hall)
 Dogstudio, Inc.
502 (South Hall)
 Dolby Laboratories
1632 (South Hall)
 Double Negative Visual Effects
441 (South Hall)
 Dovetail Games
2116 (South Hall)
BMR5640 (North Hall)
 Efecto Studios
PL4129 (North Hall)
 Elba Studios
2116 (South Hall)
 Elias Software AB
430 (South Hall)
PL4531 (North Hall)
 Emotion Playground
1224 (South Hall)
 Enzyme – A Keywords Studio
307 (South Hall)
 Epic Games-Unreal Engine
1024 (South Hall)
1744 (South Hall)
EverdreamSoft PL4730 (North Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
 Extra Mile Studios
2116 (South Hall)
PL4032 (North Hall)
PL4738 (North Hall)
802 (South Hall)
 Faceware Technologies, Inc.
1244 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
106 (South Hall)
 Finch VR
VRDCTT04 (North Hall)
 Firebrand Games
2116 (South Hall)
 Fishing Cactus
502 (South Hall)
 Flux Game Studio
PL4327 (North Hall)
424 (South Hall)
 Foresight Technology Solutions
2116 (South Hall)
 Forest Interactive
2202 (South Hall)
 Forge Reply srl
1902 (South Hall)
BMR5233 (North Hall)
Furinkazan PL4740 (North Hall)
142 (South Hall)
 G’Audio Lab
118 (South Hall)
 Game CoLab
PL4229 (North Hall)
 Game Insight
BMR5229 (North Hall)
 Gamebench Ltd
1416 (South Hall)
111 (South Hall)
 GameFounders Asia
2202 (South Hall)
 Games from Quebec
PL4240 (North Hall)
 Games London
1416 (South Hall)
2216 (South Hall)
Gemba Games 1416 (South Hall)
 Gene Games Corp
PL4329 (North Hall)
 Genvid Technologies, Inc.
333 (South Hall)
2210 (South Hall)
2136 (South Hall)
 Glow Production
2202 (South Hall)
Go Testify 1416 (South Hall)
 Google App Ads
BMR5237 (North Hall)
 Google Cloud
1638 (South Hall)
 Google, Inc
1424 (South Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
Green Man Gaming Ltd 1416 (South Hall)
 Grimnir AS
PL4526 (North Hall)
 Gummicube, Inc.
2435 (South Hall)
 H Plus Technologies Ltd
433 (South Hall)
N5130 (North Hall)
 Hansoft AB
223 (South Hall)
 Hardsuit Labs
206 (South Hall)
BMR5336 (North Hall)
BMR5340 (North Hall)
BMR5435 (North Hall)
BMR5439 (North Hall)
 Hellion Cat
502 (South Hall)
 Henchman & Goon
PL4431 (North Hall)
 Hi-Rez Studios
124 (South Hall)
 High Voltage Software
742 (South Hall)
 Hyper Games
PL4427 (North Hall)
PL4429 (North Hall)
 Hyper Luminal Games
2116 (South Hall)
VRDCTT07 (North Hall)
N4912 (North Hall)
 Ice Beam
2116 (South Hall)
1844 (South Hall)
VRDCTT10 (North Hall)
N5413 (North Hall)
 Illion Corp
PL4929 (North Hall)
 Imagination Technologies
532 (South Hall)
 Immersion Corporation
BMR5532 (North Hall)
1738 (South Hall)
2042 (South Hall)
 Insomniac Games
2310 (South Hall)
 Intel Corporation
NDA Room 252 (Mon-Fri)
NDA Room 254 (Tue-Thu)
Bridge Space (South Hall)
 Interactive Moolt
2015 (South Hall)
Interactive Spaces  
 Interactive Studio Management
Sierra Suites A (Wed) - Offsite
502 (South Hall)
BMR5531 (North Hall)
 Italian Trade Agency
1902 (South Hall)
330 (South Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 JetBrains s.r.o.
2338 (South Hall)
2116 (South Hall)
 Just Funny Games
1902 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
 Kakao Games
Sierra Suites C (Fri) - Offsite
 Karios Games
PL4730 (North Hall)
 Keywords Studios
1343 (South Hall)
 Khronos Group
2419 (South Hall)
 KinematicSoup Technologies Inc.
204 (South Hall)
PL1 (North Hall)
PL2 (North Hall)
PL3 (North Hall)
Kiz Studios 1416 (South Hall)
136 (South Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
1938 (South Hall)
 Krillbite Studio
PL4530 (North Hall)
2116 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
 Laguna College of Art & Design
N5316 (North Hall)
 Leap Motion
VRDCTT02 (North Hall)
2235 (South Hall)
 Legend of Abhimanyu: by ACY Entertainment
PL4230 (North Hall)
 Legendary Games
1416 (South Hall)
Sierra Suites K (Wed, Thu) - Offsite
 LG Electronics
Sierra Suites B (Mon-Fri) - Offsite
 LightsOn Interactive
2319 (South Hall)
 Little War Online
PL4125 (North Hall)
 Louisiana State University - CCT
434 (South Hall)
 loveOta Upgrade & Split Expert
2402 (South Hall)
 Lowe's Innovation Labs
N5308 (North Hall)
 Machine Zone
Sierra Suites A (Thu) - Offsite
 MAGIC Spell Studios
N5223 (North Hall)
2330 (South Hall)
 Marketing Systems Group
2442 (South Hall)
MDEC 2202 (South Hall)
PL4432 (North Hall)
VRDCTT01 (North Hall)
 Microsoft Corporation
NDA Room 258 (Mon-Fri)
BMR5438 (North Hall)
BMR5440 (North Hall)
BMR5539 (North Hall)
BMR5538 (North Hall)
 Midas Touch Game
2405 (South Hall)
1902 (South Hall)
 Milky Tea
PL4931 (North Hall)
1142 (South Hall)
302 (South Hall)
 Misc Games
PL4525 (North Hall)
202 (South Hall)
 Mobvista International Technology Limited
612 (South Hall)
VRDCTT08 (North Hall)
 MOL Global
2202 (South Hall)
 MOL Rixty
2202 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
 Mood Me
502 (South Hall)
PL4528 (North Hall)
 Moov2 Ltd
1416 (South Hall)
 Morph 3D
341 (South Hall)
2343 (South Hall)
BMR5238 (North Hall)
BMR5242 (North Hall)
Mr. Whale's Game Service PL4837 (North Hall)
Multimedia Development Corporation 2202 (South Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 Mura Vision
2019 (South Hall)
PL4430 (North Hall)
 MyDream Interactive
PL4332 (North Hall)
N-Dream PL4835 (North Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
2316 (South Hall)
NDA Room 270 (Mon-Fri)
1902 (South Hall)
BMR5626 (North Hall)
 Nettention Inc.
1224 (South Hall)
 NewTek, Inc.
2236 (South Hall)
218 (South Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
 NightMorning Studios Sdn Bhd
2202 (South Hall)
 Ninja Kiwi
2116 (South Hall)
BMR5226 (North Hall)
BMR5230 (North Hall)
BMR5225 (North Hall)
 No Code
2116 (South Hall)
 Nod Labs
642 (South Hall)
 Noesis GUI
144 (South Hall)
Email for meeting requests: [email protected]
 Nordic Trolls
2302 (South Hall)
 Northern Ireland Screen
1416 (South Hall)
 Norwegian Producers' Association
PL4831 (North Hall)
824 (South Hall)
 NYU Game Center
N4814 (North Hall)
 OC3 Entertainment
533 (South Hall)
 Occipital, Inc.
BMR5630 (North Hall)
 Ocosmos Co.,Ltd
1224 (South Hall)
814 (South Hall)
1014 (South Hall)
NDA Room 272 (Mon-Fri)
NDA Room 276 (Mon-Fri)
 Omni Systems
1416 (South Hall)
N5128 (North Hall)
N4926 (North Hall)
2306 (South Hall)
Oniroforge PL4725 (North Hall)
 Ontario Media Development Corporation
PL4629 (North Hall)
PL4631 (North Hall)
 Opaque Multimedia
N4916 (North Hall)
2002 (South Hall)
 Original Force, Ltd.
230 (South Hall)
2429 (South Hall)
334 (South Hall)
 Outplay Entertainment
2116 (South Hall)
 Outsider Games
1416 (South Hall)
 Panzar Studio
2428 (South Hall)
 Passion Republic Sdn Bhd
2202 (South Hall)
2102 (South Hall)
2344 (South Hall)
 Perforce Software
736 (South Hall)
 Phantom Compass
PL4627 (North Hall)
STT02 (West Hall)
 Pico Interactive Inc.
224 (South Hall)
 Piece of Cake Studios
PL4829 (North Hall)
 Pimax 8K VR
945 (South Hall)
 PiXYZ Software
129 (South Hall)
 Planet Alpha ApS
PL4625 (North Hall)
 Plastic SCM
141 (South Hall)
 Play Native Entertainment
PL4225 (North Hall)
Playables PL4727 (North Hall)
2423 (South Hall)
1238 (South Hall)
1624 (South Hall)
244 (South Hall)
 PopcornFX / Persistant Studios
324 (South Hall)
 Posibillian Tech
PL4828 (North Hall)
 Pro Mexico
2230 (South Hall)
PL4529 (North Hall)
2224 (South Hall)
2406 (South Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
PL4830 (North Hall)
PL4832 (North Hall)
 Project: Gateway
436 (South Hall)
1902 (South Hall)
117 (South Hall)
2024 (South Hall)
 Quantum Corporation
237 (South Hall)
 Quantum Soup
1416 (South Hall)
 R8 Games
1416 (South Hall)
 RAD Game Tools
724 (South Hall)
 Rain Games
PL4426 (North Hall)
 Realgam Co., Ltd.
1224 (South Hall)
 Reality Games
1416 (South Hall)
 Rebellion Developments
2044 (South Hall)
 Red Meat Games
PL4227 (North Hall)
 Red Queen
2241 (South Hall)
502 (South Hall)
 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
PL4331 (North Hall)
 Ringling College of Art and Design
1644 (South Hall)
 Roblox Corporation
741 (South Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 Safe DK
2020 (South Hall)
 Savannah College of Art & Design
236 (South Hall)
 Scottish Development International
2116 (South Hall)
Sierra Suites D (Wed) - Offsite
 Selvas Games
2238 (South Hall)
PL4030 (North Hall)
2116 (South Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 Senso Devices
2142 (South Hall)
305 (South Hall)
942 (South Hall)
 Silicon Studio
624 (South Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 Six Foot LLC
536 (South Hall)
 Sixense Entertainment
602 (South Hall)
 SKONEC Entertainment Co., Ltd.
2016 (South Hall)
1042 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
 Skunk Amazer
2116 (South Hall)
 Slice Intelligence
234 (South Hall)
2315 (South Hall)
 Snowcastle Games
PL4532 (North Hall)
2244 (South Hall)
 Soccer Manager
1416 (South Hall)
 Softkinetic Studios
502 (South Hall)
 Sold Out
1416 (South Hall)
 Sony Interactive Entertainment America
1202 (South Hall)
 Special Effect
1416 (South Hall)
529 (South Hall)
 Spirit AI
N4906 (North Hall)
 SprintR VR
PL4927 (North Hall)
735 (South Hall)
2336 (South Hall)
 Stormcloud Games
2116 (South Hall)
Stray Fawn Studio PL4728 (North Hall)
 Streamline Studios
2202 (South Hall)
Struckd PL4736 (North Hall)
 Studio DOMA
1224 (South Hall)
 Studio Wildcard
1335 (South Hall)
 Super Micro Computer Inc.
2425 (South Hall)
944 (South Hall)
PL4127 (North Hall)
 Sweden Game Arena
2010 (South Hall)
PL4 (North Hall)
Sycoforge PL4732 (North Hall)
 Synertial Labs
1916 (South Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
 Tactical Haptics
101 (South Hall)
 Tactual Labs
NDA Room 125 (Wed)
NDA Room 274 (Tue)
 Tag Games
2116 (South Hall)
 Tale Spinners
1416 (South Hall)
2116 (South Hall)
1230 (South Hall)
Team KwaKwa PL4742 (North Hall)
Team Niche PL4728 (North Hall)
2130 (South Hall)
329 (South Hall)
 Teknopilot / Sarepta Studio
PL4425 (North Hall)
 Telltale Games
NDA Room 260 (Wed)
 Tencent Games
BMR5542 (North Hall)
BMR5636 (North Hall)
BMR5631 (North Hall)
BMR5637 (North Hall)
BMR5632 (North Hall)
N5015 (North Hall)
 TGG Interactive
201 (South Hall)
 The Domaginarium
PL4827 (North Hall)
 The Secret Experiment
2116 (South Hall)
 The Trailer Farm
1416 (South Hall)
PL4428 (North Hall)
2110 (South Hall)
 Tobii AB
BMR5429 (North Hall)
Tourmaline PL4729 (North Hall)
 Tramshed Tech
1416 (South Hall)
NDA Room 302 (Tue-Thu) South Esplanade
 Uber ATG
1918 (South Hall)
 UBM Licensing Group
N4815 (North Hall)
 Ukie / UK industry stand
1416 (South Hall)
435 (South Hall)
1635 (South Hall)
BMR5432 (North Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
1402 (South Hall)
 Universally Speaking Ltd
2041 (South Hall)
 University of Utah
N5219 (North Hall)
 Unreal Vision Srl
1902 (South Hall)
 Untold Games
1902 (South Hall)
1942 (South Hall)
Gateway Ballroom 104
 Vanilla Forums
STT04 (West Hall)
 Veewo Game
PL4026 (North Hall)
PL4028 (North Hall)
 Verizon Digital Media Services
134 (South Hall)
VRDCTT15 (North Hall)
2124 (South Hall)
137 (South Hall)
VRDCTT03 (North Hall)
 Vintage King Audio
2433 (South Hall)
BMR5234 (North Hall)
BMR5333 (North Hall)
 VirZOOM Inc.
2432 (South Hall)
 Vision Game Labs
1416 (South Hall)
 Vision Games Publishing
1416 (South Hall)
243 (South Hall)
731 (South Hall)
1224 (South Hall)
Upper Lobby Booth (South Hall)
1444 (South Hall)
BMR5425 (North Hall)
842 (South Hall)
 Wacom Technology
410 (South Hall)
 Wallonia Export - Investment Agency (AWEX)
502 (South Hall)
 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
BMR5325 (North Hall)
BMR5329 (North Hall)
VRDCTT05 (North Hall)
 Welsh Government
1416 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
 Whirlwind VR
113 (South Hall)
 Whole Tomato Software
2438 (South Hall)
 Wibbu Ltd
1416 (South Hall)
 Winking Entertainment
2415 (South Hall)
 Wizards of The Coast
NDA Room 274 (Wed-Fri)
 Woojer - Born to Feel.
2242 (South Hall)
2202 (South Hall)
 Xenoma Inc.
335 (South Hall)
1932 (South Hall)
1902 (South Hall)
631 (South Hall)
1438 (South Hall)
535 (South Hall)
 YETi CGI Inc.
PL4236 (North Hall)
1416 (South Hall)
 YoYo Games
2116 (South Hall)
2410 (South Hall)
1824 (South Hall)
PL4732 (North Hall)

Business Center